Make extraordinary
ambitions possible.

We know it takes a special mix of creativity, passion, and business relevance to achieve bold change, and deliver people programmes which make a difference to your bottom line.

Why choose The Red Plate?

At The Red Plate, we accelerate and transform people ambitions. Just how do we do it?  We start first with understanding your business, employee and customer needs. Then, whether it be shaping your strategy, coaching your leaders or creating thought-provoking and powerful events to inspire, we deliver programmes with innovation and impact.

Areas of expertise

Create bold leaders

In a world of bustling activity, competing business priorities
and intensely competitive markets,
creating space for leadership is
more challenging than ever.

Cultivate a vibrant culture

The culture of an organisation is made up by the unique values and individuals within it. As an organisation grows and evolves, those values get tested and stretched.

employee health

No matter your business model or the product you sell, people are the most important asset you have. Healthy, happy and motivated employees
deliver more.

Inclusion & diversity
with impact

In the multi-cultural, global and dynamic world we live in, inclusion & diversity matter more than ever.

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