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So why a plate?
And why is it Red?


The concept behind The Red Plate came from founder and Managing Director Suzy Levy. Growing up, Suzy lived on a farm with her parents, and two boisterous older brothers. During her childhood, the family had one single red plate, which was used as a reward. If Suzy or her brothers did something special or worthwhile at school, or on the farm, that action was rewarded at the dinner table with the use of the red plate. Given our ambition is to make bold, worthwhile change happen, The Red Plate just fit.

Suzy Levy — Managing Director & Founder

Suzy is an experienced and energetic executive with two decades of experience delivering bold changes for progression global organisations. Her background ranges from the development of market-leading inclusion & diversity, employee engagement and leadership initiatives to design and delivery of sales & marketing effectiveness, major IT systems upgrade, new product launches and organisational mergers.

Prior to creating The Red Plate, Suzy worked at Accenture and led the strategy and implementation of some of the most progressive inclusion and diversity, employee engagement and talent initiatives in the UK. The programmes under Suzy's leadership have achieved national recognition including Stonewall #1 on the Workplace Equality Index, Top Ten rankings from BITC for Race and Gender, and Top Ten in the Business Disability Forum Index.

In addition to her work at The Red Plate, Suzy is a Non-Executive Director at The Home Office, and a trustee for The Women’s Sport Trust.

Outside of work, Suzy lives in south London with her daughters Lydia and Ayla, and husband Anthony. Suzy is an avid beach volleyball player, yoga practitioner, lover of gardening and the great outdoors.

Suran Dickson — Partner

Suran is the founder and outgoing Chief Executive of the award winning anti-bullying charity, Diversity Role Models (DRM). An ex-teacher, she took it from a seed of an idea in 2011 and over 6 years she has built a strong network of corporate support to drive forward the charity's vision to make schools inclusive and safe for young people. Through her work with DRM and as an independent consultant, Suran has vast experience of working with corporate organisations to engineer innovate solutions to their people challenges. Suran is passionate about inclusive leadership with a strategic focus on fostering authentic, happy and productive staff teams. She is a patron of the Diversity and Inclusion specialists, UKIED, and a trustee of the young people's support charity, Youthline.

Suran is an influential writer and speaker, with numerous awards under her belt, including a Rising Star CEO accolade in 2015 and was named the 10th most influential person in the UK on the Independent's Rainbow List.

Suran is currently based in New Zealand where she can be found introducing her young son, Sonny, to the joys of the great Kiwi outdoors or running in the hills.

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