Cultivate a vibrant culture.

The culture of an organisation

is made up by the unique values

and individuals within it. As an organisation grows and evolves, those values get tested

and stretched.

Neglecting your company culture and letting it evolve without intention or ambition can leave you in a tricky place.  At best, you can get lucky and the organic culture will do exactly what you need it to.  At worst, the unrefined growth builds a culture which creates discontent and counterproductive behaviours. Successful organisations take the time to know what makes them unique and refine their culture to support business ambitions as they grow.

Just how do you nurture and nudge a company culture? Start first by a clear understanding of your organisation’s purpose. Design the values and behaviours you know matter to achieving that purpose. Having a great culture isn’t just about having a cool workplace.

It requires a shared set of values and an honest account about how individuals and collective behaviours align and support those values. Organisations must not only spot behaviours which run against those values, and bold enough to take action. At The Red Plate, we’ll help you design and build a culture which supports not only who you are as an organisation, but also who you aim to be.  Working together we shape and create a framework to embed your culture into your everyday working practices, and at the same time build innovative, fun and business relevant programmes that engage your employees.

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