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3 Trends in Inclusion & Diversir

Looking for ways to speed up the pace of your diversity and inclusion initiatives? In this video, Suzy Levy outlines 3 trends in inclusion and diversity which are netting big results for bold organisations.

Gender Empowerment

From working her way up in the world of business, Suzy Levy knows the limitations faced by both men and women. She sees that empowering the sexes isn't about education but a change of mindset.

Teach your employees to say No (by saying Yes)

Learning how to manage demands is an essential skill for employees and leaders in today’s working world. Suzy Levy, managing director of consultancy The Red Plate, says learning to say no by saying yes can deliver a more productive and engaged workforce.

Star Performers All Set to Move on the Global Stage

Stonewall announced a new level
to the Gay-Friendly employers index, the Star Performers. These handful of organisations have consistently shown exceptional leadership, landing in the top of the index for several years. "When companies come to us to learn about the impact of equality in the workplace, they are struck not only
by the business case for inclusion
but by the powerful emotional
and compassionate notes of
human stories."

You're in New York,
Your Team is Prague

In today's modern and global world strong managers and leaders do things differently. The key, Levy said from London, is to set up your team and let them knock out tasks without micromanaging every decision. That takes trust.

Intrapreneurship Harnesses
the Passion

How can organisations harness the power of innovation and passion?
An exploration with top performing organisations on how they create space for innovation. "Mentoring is a little like dating, you need to have a chemistry between individuals, based on shared passions, so there is a spark," says Suzy Levy, the company’s human capital and diversity lead for UK
and Ireland.

Cause for optimism as flex becomes norm

Just how flexible are organisations today? If your employees have the
right outcome focus - very. "Employees should be prepared to discuss scaling up and down their hours depending on the ebbs and flows of the business. In recruitment it is important candidates think about the business and the role before their needs."

The Olympic insider's
guide to developing a
high performing team

When it comes to creating teams with the skills needed to achieve lofty goals diversity is a key ingredient. It is universally recognised that a group of people with different personality types, different backgrounds and points of view is better equipped to face the challenges that high performance teams meet on a regular basis.
"In a global economy, flexible working
is a critical component to team collaboration, productivity and employee engagement," says
Suzy Levy.

Less than half of parents
happy to discuss family situation with boss

You've introduced flexible working policies, filled the staff kitchen with fresh fruit and your return to work bonus for new mothers is beyond compare, so why do some of your team still look like they're about to burst into tears? "Organisations are changing,” added Suzy Levy, human capital and diversity lead at Accenture, who chaired the panel. Most people
I know are building a workplace where they want people to be open."

MT celebrates '35 Women Under 35'

Accenture speaker Suzy Levy, who
is human capital and diversity lead at the management consultancy, talked about the qualities of high flying young women. She made particular reference to Malcolm Gladwell's latest book 'Outliers', in which he talks of the necessity of having a supportive community around you to help
raise you up above the heads
and shoulders of others.


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