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At The Red Plate, our style is interactive, ambitious and fun. With us, there are no pre-packaged answers. We relentlessly focus on the outcomes you aim to achieve and work together to co-create a solution that bridges your reality and your aspiration.

Our services range from:

  • Development of a robust inclusion & diversity strategy
  • Data insight and analysis
  • Executive development
  • Thought-provoking and powerful events to inspire
  • Facilitated 'tricky topic' sessions including race & ethnicity confidence
  • Engaging the un-engaged or those who hold a negative view of the diversity agenda
  • Focus groups & employee research

We don’t come in, consult and go. Our approach is to equip you with the confidence and capability to lead in the modern world. From the mundane to the gritty, we work with you to meet the increasing expectations of leaders and to define the role you want to play in driving social change.