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Diversity = Difference. Whether it be individual or collective, diversity is what makes us unique. Inclusion is something we create. It results from the actions we take to enable everyone, regardless of their diversity, to succeed.

Our world is already diverse, and whether we like it or not, diversity is more relevant than ever in our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. Creating a workplace where diverse thrives is however, not a given. Inclusion doesn’t just happen. It takes a very focused effort to create a platform of inclusion. Inclusion comes as a result of what we do and how we behave.

If approached correctly, inclusion and diversity support growth, differentiation and innovation. If left without ambition or direction, they can be a chore, or even worse, a barrier to performance.

At The Red Plate, we don’t waste time ‘selling’ diversity or launching one-off programmes which are likely to result in very little change. We take a systematic approach to achieving inclusion and driving greater diversity. Whether it is to gain executive buy-in, unlock sticky or problematic areas of inclusion, address the unspeakable aspects of diversity, or to engage the average employee who is fed up with a half-hearted approach, we work together with clients to achieve ambitious outcomes.

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